In addition to the overnight stays, with our boarding service your dog receives all the same benefits of daycare.
Please bring your dog‘s  favourite food. We’ll be sure to serve them at the same time and with the same quantity as you do at home.
As well, we are happy to follow any special diets and administer medication on a particular schedule if necessary.
Our guests sleep in spacious rooms we refer to as, “Cabaña Style”. They are available with double or single occupancy.
The rooms are large, clean and comfortable. We provide beds, or you are welcome to bring their own bed so they feel at home!
A 1,200 m2 (13,000sqft) shaded playground provides special areas for breeds of all sizes, from toy breeds to the largest of them all!
We also offer pick-up and delivery service with appointment.


To guarantee an healthy stay for all the dogs, it is necessary to have all the yearly vaccines (quintuple, rabbis and kennelcough) updated, as well we ask for internal deworming and a flea and tick prevention. It is reccomended to update the shots at least 3 weeks before their stay in our residence.