Welcome to Dog Holiday

Since 2007



Allow your dog to be a Dog

Experience makes the difference


Highly Experienced Team

Supervision 24 Hours



Relaxed Atmosphere

Comfortable, Cozy and Clean Area



Welcome to Dog Holiday (Est. 2007).

Dog Holiday is the place your dog wants to be!

Specially designed for the care and comfort of your best friend and to make his stay an unforgettable vacation. Dogs play in apropriate groups in a large and shady playground. Our idea is to allow dogs to be dog.
Your loved-ones will enjoy “Siesta” and bedtime in comfortable and clean sleeping quarters (Cabaña Style).
Your best friend will be attended to 24 hrs a day by an experienced team of animal caregivers in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Our services include DOGGY DAYCARE, BOARDING 24hrs/7 and OBEDIENCE TRAINING.

Stop by and visit Dog Holiday (Opening hours for visiting, drop off or pick up the dogs are from Monday to Saturday between 8 – 10 am and between 4 – 7 pm, Sundays between 8 – 10 am.)
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DOG HOLIDAY - Hours & Info

cel: 984 135 26 16 cel: 984 134 56 02
Monday to Saturday between 8 - 10 am / 4 - 7 pm.
Sundays between 8 - 10 am.


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